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VLOVE anion sanitary napkin
Product Name:
VLOVE anion sanitary napkin

 Gift Box for V-LOVE Nano sliver & Anion & Far infrared Sanitary Napkin /Panty Liner


19packs/box, i.e. 10 packs of daily (10pcs) +4 packs of  Night (8pcs) +5 packs panty liner (30pcs), 

650mm * 390mm * 360mm

 N.W:7.5KG   G.W: 9.0KG


Product Feature:

1. Aluminum foil bag with reseal able protective label design, anti dust, moist and bacterial

2.100% cotton fabric, soft and comfortable

3. Non-fluorescent, Chemical free

4. 3D corsets, side leakage prevention

5. Imported super absorbent polymer

6. Breathable bottom films, far away from hot feeling

7. Fully sealed inner packaging, no secondary pollution

Nano silver
Silver in nano state have a highly efficient disinfection, it can kill more than 150 kinds of bacteria within a few minutes, effectively activate and promote the growth of cells and tissues, effective prevention of ulcers, accelerate wound healing, has a unique effect for the female physiological recovery complex .

When lady use the products, their body will contact with the sanitary napkin and subjected to friction, under the effect of moisture, temperature and other external force,  the anion chip can release high concentration of negative ion which is more than 6100 per cubic centimeter, with anti-bacterial and inflammatory, eliminate the unusual smell and other effects.

Far infrared ray
The product chip can release far infrared rays with wavelength of 4-14 micron. It can produce effective "total shock" with the water molecules in human body. It can improve the microcirculation of human body, enhance metabolism, improve the resistance and prevent all kinds of gynecological diseases.